The Clearwater River Casino & Lodge – Good Places To Relax And Enjoy

The Clearwater River Casino & Lodge in Clearwater, Florida is located in the middle of beautiful Riviera Park at the confluence of Clearwater Bay and Saint Lucie Bay. It is a great place to spend a vacation or even just relax by the fire while watching the boats go by, and you can also fish right there in the evenings with live bait.

clearwater river casino  lodge

In fact, with all the time they spend boating and fishing, the Park Districts property is well worth the price of admission. The Casino offers many things for visitors, and there are several dining options as well. Most people go for the best selection of food and drinks at these restaurants that offer the same.

If you go to the Park Districts Casino, you will find an area for eating and drink called The Plaza. The bar and lounge, called the Hub, is definitely the place to be if you want to have a glass of wine, coffee, or have something to eat. It is located on the main level and is decorated in a modernized and sleek manner. The Hub offers a bar in which people can sit and enjoy drinks or food.

On the top level of the Casino there is the eatery called the Dockside Cafe. This is more like a restaurant where diners can go and order their favorite food and enjoy it in a relaxed environment. You can either grab a seat inside the Cafe and then sit and enjoy your meal, or you can walk over to the patio and enjoy the view of the Casino, the park, and the bay, which is what makes this area of the Casino so popular.

The Castaways Bar is another great place to go if you are into drinks. You can sit down and have a drink, a bite to eat, or even sit by the fire and enjoy some music. You can bring your own beverages and you can even bring your own food to enjoy. It is very family friendly, and you can even bring your children.

There are also other places of interest near the Casino in Clearwater, Florida. There are the Wreck Beach Park, which has a long sandy beach that you can walk along, and if you are into water sports, this area is a great place to go as well. There is also the Floridas Lilac Park, which is full of beautiful, blooming flowers and is a great place to take your family.

Many people enjoy staying at the Clearwater River Casino & Lodge because it is such a good place to relax and enjoy. It is also near the area that is home to many famous dive spots, which are often used by sailors and divers. It is also close to the famous Golden Gate Bridge, so that makes the casino a great place to enjoy a trip from one city to another, and enjoy a few hours of sunshine while you are doing it.