Is This Real Caribbean Realness?

clearwater river casino hotel

Is This Real Caribbean Realness?

You might be asking yourself if the Clearwater River Casino Hotel is an authentic Caribbean experience. Maybe you have been to a few of those and felt as though you’ve seen them all, but that might not be true. This casino in Clearwater offers a little something different than the rest of the businesses on the property.

It is located right on the boardwalk of the city and has a great view of the Clearwater River in all of its glory. If you plan on going to the casino, there are also a number of restaurants and shops that you can walk to from the restaurant and gambling area. The hotel has a casino bar where you can enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks while you are waiting for your table.

In addition to having a full meal and enjoying the view, you can enjoy some of the best service you can find in this area of Florida. They provide unlimited free room service and special drinks for guests. When they do have a guest, the drinks are hot and cold, so you know your drink will be right when you need it.

This casino is also one of the highest paying casinos in Florida. They offer the largest selections of slot machines and live games of chance for players of all ages. You can bet on your favorite team to win or just sit back and enjoy the ambiance and great food offered at the casino.

Those looking for a fun and exciting night out, or perhaps a romantic getaway can relax and enjoy the many games of chance available at the Clearwater River Casino Hotel. They also have an opportunity to have dinner with any of the famous Floridians on their World Famous Crawfish Boil. There is no limit to the amount of people you can invite and everyone is guaranteed a seat at the famous Crawfish Boil that is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

When you think of South Florida, the name Clearwater is usually the first that comes to mind. However, there are other great attractions available in the area that you can visit. Some of the nearby attractions include Sea World, Disney, Cabela’s, the Olde Bar at the Amalie Arena, and the Bay Harbor Marina.

Those who are visiting from outside of Florida should take a look at Cabo San Lucas because it is right near Orlando and is also very popular for tourists and vacationers. On the east coast you can find the wonderful attractions in San Juan, Puerto Rico and you can also check out the sights in Cancun. These are all places that you can visit on your next trip to Florida.

Whether you are a resident of Florida or are planning a vacation to a beach town, the Clearwater River Casino Hotel is located right in the heart of Miami-Dade County. All of the casino action and good times of your life are right in your lap. Now that you know more about this establishment, you will be sure to enjoy your stay at the Clearwater River Casino Hotel.