Experience Florida’s Best Entertainment While Enjoying Food and Drinks at the Clearwater River Casino Lewiston

The Clearwater River Casino Lewiston is located on the banks of Clearwater Creek in Lewiston Fl. There are many fun things to do and see while you are in Clearwater.

You will love playing at the Clearwater River Casino, especially if you have played at the Cedar Creek Resort and Casino or the Riverfront Park and Festival in Cedar Lake. This casino offers a great variety of games, exciting live entertainment, and the most exciting slot machines on the planet. There are many restaurants that offer a wide variety of food.

If you are not interested in playing a slot machine, you can try your luck at the many restaurants located around the casino. The restaurant has been ranked as one of the top twenty in America by Travel and Leisure magazine. The restaurant has been a very popular location for movies since the opening of its doors.

If you would prefer to sit out and relax and enjoy a nice meal and a beverage, the casino also offers a great selection of fine dining restaurants. There is even a casino lounge available for those who prefer to relax. In addition, there is a club that offers dancing and live entertainment.

The Clearwater River Casino has four restaurants available for dining. One of the restaurants has a patio that overlooks the casino. This is great if you want to watch the game or get a great view of the players. However, the Patio is limited to those customers that want to eat on the patio.

The Clearwater River Casino has a spa, too. You can take a hot steam bath while relaxing by the pool and enjoying the casino’s entertainment. You will want to visit the Clearwater River Casino for sure when visiting Florida.