Clearwater River Casino Events – Three Of The Best

The Clearwater River in Sarasota County, Florida offers some of the best casino events in the state. There are five casino events for this river that take place throughout the year including the Clearwater Summer Fest, the Clearwater Cruise, and the annual Clearwater River Cruise. Each of these events is sure to entertain guests as they enjoy the beautiful Clearwater River and the sights that it offers.

clearwater river casino events

The Clearwater Summerfest takes place in July. The theme of this event is “Come Home to Florida” and this is one of the premier festivals of the year. This festival draws a huge crowd from all over the area and is held in the downtown area of Clearwater. There are many different activities and shows to participate in at this festival such as food, craft booths, musical performances, and of course the many exhibits where kids can interact with their favorite Disney characters. There are also live music as well as dancing on several stages set up for entertainment.

The next of the Clearwater River Casino Events is the Clearwater Cruise. This is a boat tour that runs throughout the entire weekend. The cruise starts out at the Clearwater Grand Harbor, runs all around the waterfront, then heads up the Clearwater River and returns back to the Grand Harbor.

There is also a casino onboard the ship for those who want to play poker or blackjack while on board the ship. The cruise also includes a shopping experience, but the shops are very small and hard to find. The boats include entertainment and sightseeing tours. The cruise is open only to adult cruisers. Those under 21 will have to be accompanied by an adult on the cruise. Each of the casino events offer fun activities and attractions for everyone.

The Clearwater River Cruise and the Clearwater Summerfest are great places to see and to go to. This river is full of life and you will not want to miss out on any of it. The festivals are great because they bring in all sorts of different things that attract many different types of people all at the same time and keep the River moving all through the weekend.

All of the Clearwater River Casino Events are well worth the money that you will spend. for the entertainment and the great events that you can take part in.