Gaming at the Clearwater River Casino Lodge

The Clearwater River Casino Lodge is the perfect place for all types of casino games and activities to take place. There are also several restaurants and bars onsite for those that would like to have a sit down meal or a snack. All of the accommodations are top notch, and each offers its own unique style.

clearwater river casino lodge

When you first step into the casino room you will see a large sign on the wall stating that there is live music in the background. This is the place where the residents come to enjoy themselves while enjoying their favorite casino games and activities. You can find a great variety of gambling tables here that is ideal for those that would like to play blackjack. There is also a casino bar that features an open bar area for customers that want to enjoy their drinks.

There are also several tables available to the patrons of the casino games and activities that will give them an opportunity to relax. There are also two very comfortable cabins, onsite that offer ample space for visitors to rest comfortably while they partake in the games and activities. The cabins feature four star rooms that feature fully-equipped kitchens and private bathrooms. All of these amenities are available to all of the guests at a nominal charge. Each cabin also comes with its own private entrance and parking area.

The other great attraction to the casino is the casino lounge that is available for all of the gaming enthusiasts and customers. This lounge features a number of different entertainment options for the patrons. These include the live music as well as a number of other types of shows. There is also a casino pool table that is available for use by guests that are looking to get some fun time in during the game. The lounge also features a snack area and a number of television sets so that all of the guests can enjoy their favorite shows while eating their snacks.

The casino also offers a number of dining options for its patrons as well. There are a number of restaurants that are located in close proximity to the casino. The restaurants are great places for diners that would like to have an extensive menu to choose from. They also have an open bar area for customers who wish to enjoy their drinks while watching a show.

If you are looking for a casino that has been rated highly for entertainment as well as dining options, the Clearwater River Casino Lodge is the place to be. There are also other great locations that feature all of these options. that are available to those who are interested in finding a great place to eat.